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5 Major Trends Happening in New York Bridal Fashion Week This Fall

A sea of ivory glistening under spotlights caught my eye as I watched show upon fashion show at NY Bridal Fashion Week. We were in New York over the weekend, keeping up on the latest styles to bring back to Missouri with us and keep our #normansbrides on trend. As I watched shows and roamed around showrooms, my eyes caught much more than just the rows of ivory gowns. This season’s gowns are straying away from the traditional bridal gown, and are more for the bride who is individualistic and unique. The Spring 2018 collections are all about standing out and embracing your own personal style on your wedding day! We love this concept, because your wedding day should be all about you and your own personal style! I noticed major trends reoccurring across different designers’ collections, and I’m going to fill you in on all the latest unique touches you should look out for when finding your gown! So here they are: the top 5 trends you can’t miss out on!

5 Major Trends Happening in New York Bridal Fashion Week This Fall



Okay, I know what you are thinking. Ruffles have been trending for at least two seasons now. I KNOW. But they aren’t going anywhere! So enjoy your ruffles and frills and have the most fun and flirty wedding gown EVER. Like seriously, these dresses are amazing. But don’t worry, these aren’t the same dresses you’ve been seeing for the past season or two, the Spring 2018 ruffle wedding gowns have a whole new spin! Designers have added their own personal touches to this trend, including satin trim for an extra elegant feel. Look out for these dresses to come in – you do not want to miss them!


2. Embroidery

We’ve all seen the latest embroidery trends happening in fast fashion right now; it was only a matter of time before the fun idea made its way to the bridal industry! And don’t worry, you won’t see the basic red and pink flower embroidery showing up on your wedding gown any time soon! The embroidery we are seeing this season is so dainty and elegant, incorporating little touches of blush and powder blue to give you a touch of color on your wedding day. Attention to the little details like embroidery puts these wedding dresses on a whole new level and we are in LOVE.


3. Sleeves

Again, we know that sleeves have been making a comeback in recent seasons, but NOT LIKE THIS. The newest trend in sleeved wedding gowns is exaggerated sleeves in new and interesting shapes. We’ve even seen some amazing bell sleeve trends on the runway this season, and they gave us all the feels! These dresses are giving MAJOR boho vibes, and we 10/10 recommend trying on this style for your upcoming nuptials.


4. Untraditional Textiles and Geometric Patterns

If you are looking for a gown that is completely unique with all of the modern feels, this trend is for you! I saw tons of dresses this weekend with patterned textiles and unconventional materials, such as bandage. Although this material is something you may have never considered for your wedding gown, the fit of these gowns is amazing and you HAVE to try one on! TRUST ME. These dresses are for the bride who isn’t afraid to express herself and rock a seriously amazing wedding day look. I also saw tons of very linear, geometric printed organza and tulle. This sounds a little too different, but I promise that these dresses were STUNNING. While they were printed, they were still all in ivory and felt very elegant and modern. The pattern added a dimension that gave the dress a very 3D look. Which brings us to the next trend . . .


5. 3-D FLOWERS!!!

So I seriously saved the best trend for last. That’s right, 3-D FLOWERS! I really don’t even need to say anything about this trend because it’s apparent why these dresses are so stunning and trending right now. Who doesn’t want to look like a fairytale princess, arrayed in shimmer and flower petals? Exactly. I know that this look isn’t for every single bride, but I highly recommend trying on this trend when shopping for your gown because you will be AMAZED by the magical fairy princess you suddenly feel like! I’m not kidding, I think these flowers have legit mystical powers to make every bride squeal in delight when she sees herself. This trend adds serious texture to your wedding gown, while still keeping all the elegance. WE ALREADY HAVE ONE OF THESE GOWNS IN STOCK AND YOU NEED TO TRY IT ON NOWWW! ?

So there you have it! These are the hottest styles in bridal fashions right now that you need to be aware of! Below is a picture of me over the weekend with four of the prettiest things I have ever seen (the dresses are good too)! No, but really, check out the dresses in this pic and see for yourself a couple of these amazing trends! Even if you’re already married, or not engaged yet, go take a look-see at the amazing masterpieces that graced the runway this weekend. BECAUSE DRESSES ARE AMAZING NO MATTER WHAT! And if you are engaged, let us know in the comments which trend you could see yourself in for your upcoming wedding!