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Plugged In or Not?

WEDDING NOTES – Plugged In or Not?

This era of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and hashtags, some additional social “rules” are being developed.  And it is a wise couple that addresses the issues raised by social media before their wedding so that guests know their preferences in advance.  It should not be stated on the formal wedding invitations.  There is no line for “please unplug”.  However, it can be stated on the couple’s wedding web page, printed on the programs, by a printed reminder posted at the guest book or even a part of an admonition from the celebrant at the ceremony.

As one wedding planner has said, “It’s obviously not going to go away —it’s about managing it.”  “There are some large issues like when a friend share’s a photo of the bride’s dress when they are out shopping that are not appropriate.  You always have the person who overshares.”  It is understandable that couples want to be able to control the images that go out there for their wedding.

Here are some hints from experienced wedding planners about how to manage social media etiquette.

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